Where can I find my bank account information?

To process a Cash Out in MintChip we need three pieces of information - your bank's institution number, transit number and account number. If you are having trouble finding your bank account information you can find the details on a cheque:

  • The institution number is a 3 digit number that identifies your bank. (Eg. BMO is 001 and RBC is 003).
  • The transit number identifies your branch. On your cheque, the transit number is the number between ⑆ and ⑉ (Eg. ⑆12345⑉). Remember that all transit numbers are 5 digits. If your transit number is less than 5 digits, add 0's to the beginning of the number.
  • The account number on your cheque comes after ⑆ and before ⑈ (Eg. ⑆1234567⑈). When you enter your account number do not include dashes or spaces. Note that account numbers are between 5 to 12 digits long.

If you are still unsure that your account information is correct, contact your bank directly.

Remember that errors in your banking information will lead to delays in the time it takes for your MintChip funds to be deposited into your account.

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